Wednesday Night, Pre-Ireland, Procrastination

Sitting in the study lounge attempting to study for an International Relations final, write a 2500 word paper on religious slavery, and not pass out on top of my book seems like the perfect time to start a blog…right? My head is not in my studies, to say the least, and more centered around rolling green expanses, freckled faces, Irish accents, and beerslugging boys. Obviously I am more excited for the people than the landscapes. In 24 long painful hours I will be bound for the motherland, birthplace of the wonderfully quirky and stereotypical Morgan clan. Not that I will be searching any ancestors out, because according to my stoic Irish Catholic grandmother “we’re American”. Needless to say, after two months in Europe, I am well aware. It’s been an incredibly long week/weekend, so I am extremely excited to emerse myself in some celtic life as a reward.

This previous weekend was one of the last I’ll be spending in Rome, as the rest of March will take me to Ireland, Belgium, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, and Scotland. This blog will be the best way for me to retain and comment on the mass of culture I’ll experience in full force and hyper speed!


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